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02nd March 2023 Barcelona

02nd March 2023 Barcelona

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Murder in the Orient

Istanbul 1920s... The city is in chaos. The allied powers have their own police force and Ottomans theirs. The city woke up with the news of a murder, which actually made many sigh in relief. The notorious Niko a.k.a Galata Monster was found dead under Galata tower. Niko was the leader of the gang ruling the Galata area. The list of his enemies is very long, so is his criminal record. You have been invited to help the police find Niko’s killer.

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It was a great day with the family. The scenario was very well written. I loved how diverse the characters were. Riddles were mostly related to the game location and it made things even more realistic. We weren’t the fastest but we solved the case!

The Jarrets