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What is Cluerush?

Are you ready for the most fun murder mystery event you can ever find on the streets? Looking for a breathtaking adventure with your family or friends? Then don't miss the next Cluerush event in your town!

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The Most Fun Event You Can Play On The Streets!

Are you ready for an outdoor murder mystery event? Interrogate suspects, collect evidence, solve riddles and crack the case via a genius app that turns the cities into playgrounds. Gather your team and join the adventure NOW!

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10th June 2023 Istanbul
10th June 2023 Istanbul
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Murder in the Orient

Istanbul 1920s... The city is in chaos. The allied powers have their own police force and Ottomans theirs. The city woke up with the news of a murder, which actually made many sigh in relief. The notorious Niko a.k.a Galata Monster was found dead under Galata tower. Niko was the leader of the gang ruling the Galata area. The list of his enemies is very long, so is his criminal record. You have been invited to help the police find Niko’s killer.


Cluerush App

Cluerush is an outdoor murder mystery event. The riddles and tasks in the event are specifically adapted to different cities of the world. Interrogate suspects, collect evidence, solve riddles and crack the case via a genius app that turns the cities into playgrounds!


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Don't forget to take some great pictures of your team. You can win the best team picture award or canin of the day!



Bored of all-the-same activities for your company? We create unique events for your team that doesn't cost the earth. If you have a group of 20 or more detectives then just tell us where and when!


Really fun event. We were not the fastest team but we were able to solve the case. Looking forward to the next event!

Spy Girls

It was a great day with the family. The scenario was very well written. I loved how diverse the characters were. Riddles were mostly related to the game location and it made things even more realistic. We weren’t the fastest but we solved the case! I never thought an app could . . .

The Jarretts

It was a fantastic day for the whole family! The riddles and tasks were not too difficult, nor too easy. It kept us engaged all the time. It was such fun when we finally figured out the killer! Recommended to everyone! Hope to play other ones…

Rebecca L.

The game was brilliant! My friends were very sceptical about it but turned out that it was one of the best outdoor activities we have ever done. It took a little while to figure out the app and the premise of the game but overall it was lots of fun. Even my dog enjoyed it

Abraham Dove